Kim Tiền Thảo

Treatment ofNephrolith
Barcode: 8935206004175


Extract of desmodium styracifolium .............. 120 mg
Excipients q.s ............................................. 1 tablet

(Wheat starch, lactose, talc powder, avicel, magnesium stearate, refined suger, arabic gum, PVA, titanium dioxide, gelatin, nipagin, red ferric oxide, black ferric oxide, amaranth color, carnauba wax, hard paraffin).


Sugar coated tablets.


Box of 1 bottle x 100 sugar coated tablets.



Kim tien thao, has the scientific name Desmodium styracifolium, belonging to the Fabaceae family.

According to popular experience, Kim tien thao has been used to treat gallstones, nephrolith, cystolith, oedema, nephritides, and indigestion.

According to modern medicine researches, extracts of desmodium styracifolium has effects o­n diuretic, choleretic, antiphlogistic, vasodilation, anti-hypertension assistance. Due to the diuretic effect, the minor molecules of calcium oxalate and calcium phosphate drawn o­n the urine flow. This therefore decreases condensedness and prevents the increase in stones size formed in glomerular and renal tract. Besides, due to its anti-inflammatory property, Kim tien thao has effects o­n reducing urogenital infections, ureteral oedema; creating conditions to discharge stones, and relieving the symptoms of strangury, repeated urination, and oedema.

According to clinical research results, Kim tien thao is effective in the treatment of calcium oxalate stones. The treatment duration is depended o­n the size and position of stones in the urinary tract.



Treatment of urolithiasis: nephrolith, cystolith, ureterolith, and gallstones.

Actions o­n clearing heat, diuretic assistance; treating oedema, strangury, and repeated urination.

Supportive therapy for pyelonephritis, cholecystitis.


CONTRAINDICATIONS: No cases have been reported.


PRECAUTIONS: Avoid administration to pregnant women.

Patients with stomachache should take the drug in a full stomach.


INTERACTIONS: No cases have been reported.


ADVERSE EFFECTS: No cases have been reported.

Imform your physician about any adverse effects occur during the treatment.



Adults: oral dose of 2-3 tablets x 2-3 times daily, with a lot of fresh water.

Or as directed by the physician.

Read the directions carefully before use.

Consult the physician for more information.

Shelf-life: 24 months from the manufacturing date.

Storage conditions: Store in cool, dry places; protected from light.

Specifications: Manufacturer's


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