“In case I have to leave DHG Pharma one day, respect from everyone would be the most valuable property”. Seeing Ms. Pham Thi Viet Nga in real life, not many people think that such a simple woman was honored as one of the 50 Asia’s most powerful businesswomen by the renowned Forbes magazine. At the age of 60s, she is still lively, walking for more than an hour to the office from 3.30am and regularly swimming five rounds in the swimming pool. Perhaps she has an endless source of energy to carry out all that she is concerned.



Destined for pharmaceutical industry

Ms. Nga stated that she entered pharmaceutical industry in general and DHG in particular accidently. At that time, she only assumed the duties designated by the authority without any vision about what she would study and work on. Even when she was appointed to manage DHG upon completing her degree in Pharmacy, Ms. Nga did not know how to read a financial statement. However, on the bravery of a used-to-be soldier, she started to study economics without any hesitation.

When asked about the dream job at her young age, she smiled and said, ‘I even did not know whether I could survive until our country gained independence back. There was no time to dream of what I would do’.

DHG was not the early bird in the market, but it was the first pharmaceutical company that paid attention to marketing strategies, trademark, and particularly nation-wide systems of distribution. The current stature of DHG possibly rises on the foundation that Ms. Nga and her colleagues established in the 1990s when DHG was still a small manufacturing factory. The distribution network is also one that makes Ms. Nga most proud of. Thanks to the network, DHG does not spend much on advertising, which is indispensible and money-consuming for other enterprises in the industry.


I have no personal property at DHG
Her preoccupation, which is also of aged entrepreneurs, is an inheritance of younger staff. Following words by Mr. Truong Gia Binh, FPT president, ‘it is easy to destroy than to create’. Mr. Le Phuoc Vu, Hoa Sen Tole President, said in an ironic manner, ‘Generation of our children is not as strong-willed as our generation because our parents were not as rich as their parents.’

Not many entrepreneurs orient their children to continue their businesses. Both children of Ms. Nga chose their career on their interests: none of them like Pharmacy! But she was pleased their choices, and trust her colleagues at DHG who do not have any flesh and blood relation with her.

She added that at the moment she is relatively ‘relaxed’ with the main duty of giving feedback to project proposals written by her inferiors.

‘I have no personal property at DHG’, she concluded.

‘Honestly, if you have to leave DHG some day, what is the most valuable or honorary property that you would bring with you?’

‘Respect from people’, she replied proudly.

For successive young generation, if there is something that makes her concerned, it is their care for people around, workers or disadvantaged people for example. It could be that they are engaging with too many dreams and work, so they have not been cared much for the so-called ‘petty’ issues.

Willing step-down

On May 1 2014, Ms. Pham Thi Viet Nga suddenly stepped down the President Chair of DHG, the position she had been taken over for more than ten years. Once again, she returned to the position of General Director after two interrupting years. The news drew attention of financiers, particularly when the Chair was given to Mr. Hoang Nguyen Hoc, Vice President of SCIC – the biggest share-holder, who has more than 40% of the shares of DHG.

Discussing her decision, Ms. Nga postulated that she is a ‘civil worker’, so she need to comply with appointment (of the authority). With more than 40% of the shares, SCIC is strong enough to negate any decision. In addition, her concern at DHG was the progressive orientation of the company – her spiritual son, not her position. Fortunately, she revealed that SCIC still sticks with the previously agreed orientation of DHG and there was no remarkable disputes between the General Director and the new President of the Management Board. The powerful woman is still working hard to devote and nurture values which she has been believed in. Without acknowledgement, Ms. General Director always care for people in disadvantageous situations and is willing to give help without any intermediate agencies. The values of each entrepreneur, to her, is simply doing as many work and helping as many people as possible.

Following the strategic business plan 2014-2018 which aims to improve the value of its trademark via expanding its market share and accelerating import and export activities, DHG Pharma participated in the PHAMED & HEALTHCARE Exhibition taking place in HCM city from 24-26 Sept 2014. At the exhibition, DHG Pharma professionally introduced its products to international markets by display of principle products such as Spivital, Bocalex Multi, Naturenz, Nattoenzym among others. During that time, DHG Pharma met and made transactions with more than 150 local and international customers.

On 05/09/2014, the 40th birthday anniversary of DHG Pharma and Piggy bank opening ceremony for poor patients were taken place formally and emotionally. The pride on the milestone history with faith and determination towards the future was feelingswhich have been still remained in the soul of each attender.

On 28/08/2014, DHG Pharma organized family gathering of officers and employees, retired officers and employees in new pharmaceutical factory of DHG Pharma


Visiting new pharmaceutical factory



Taking photos in front of ceramic wall

In the meeting, Dr. Pham Thi Viet Nga introduced Board of Directors, sent grateful messages to families of officers and employees – firm rear for development of the company.



DHG PHARMA would like to share some pictures from the activity:









On 27/08/2014, about 400 people of the Civil Medical Service Board of South-western Areahad an emotional reunion in new pharmaceutical factory of DHG Pharma (the Civil Medical Service Board of South-western Area is the “cradle” of health sector of South-western area in the period of resistance against American army, also precursor of DHG Pharma in the war).





Warm handshakes and joyful smiles when meeting again after many years of separation



In the meeting, General Director Pham Thi Viet Nga was glad to inform good news with the Civil Medical Service Board of South-western Area that DHG continues rising up and innovating. General Director and Board of Directors of DHG Pharma were grateful for contributions of the previous generations who created the first foundation for the sustainable development today.


They reviewed heroic memories and took photos together.







Bác sĩ Lê Thành Lập – đại diện Ban Liên Lạc Dân Y Khu Tây Nam Bộ trao lại tuổi trẻ DHG bức tranh in dấu vân tay của các Cô Chú như trao gửi niềm tin tưởng vào thế hệ trẻ DHG sẽ làm rạng danh ngành Dược Tây Nam Bộ.



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Resolution of BOD DHG Pharma Resolution of BOD DHG Pharma

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On 20 July 2010, at White Palace Convention Centre,HCM City, DHG Pharma honourably received the Special Award – the highest award in the third Annual Report Award contest organised by the Dau Tu Chung Khoan newspaper and fund management company Dragon Capital.