Recently, Vietnam Report Joint Stock Company (Vietnam Report) officially announced the Top 10 prestigious pharmaceutical companies in 2020.

This year, DHG Pharma continues to be the first business to be named This is one of the prestigious awards held annually, the scale of internal strength of each pharmaceutical company. Companies are assessed and ranked based on 3 main criteria: Financial capacity shown on the most recent financial report; Media credibility is assessed by Media Coding - encoding the company's articles on influential media channels; The stakeholder survey was conducted in October and November 2020.

From November 27 to November 29, 2020, "Tourism Festival – Flower Night of Ninh Kieu, Can Tho" will take place for the fourth time with the theme "Converge and Shine". This is an event by the People's Committee of Ninh Kieu district (Can Tho city) in coordination with the Can Tho City Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism organizes with a city-level scale.

With a desire of bringing everybody a more beautiful and healthier life, DHG Pharma is not only interested in researching, renovating, improving product quality and but also actively participates in community activities to contribute to build a sustainable value for the enterprise and society.

On 7– 8th of November, DHG Pharma accompanied with the Mekong Delta Marathon Hau Giang 2020, responding to the message "Every step of running - A sharing heart for the Central region". The running race was organized by the People's Committee of Hau Giang province, with the desire to encourage sports practice through running, thereby forming and spreading healthy living habits. The event is also expected to raise funds to plant trees for a green Mekong Delta, and donate to the people affected by floods and storms in the Central region. The tournament attracted nearly 10,000 participants from all over the country.

With the vision "For a more beautiful and healthier life", DHG Pharma always supports community care activities, bringing the best to people's health. Through this running tournament, DHG Pharma hopes that running will become a good habit, helping people to have a good health and spirit, to always live healthy and beautiful every day.

Mr. Doan Dinh Duy Khuong – COO of DHG Pharma received flowers from the organizers for the opening ceremony

DHG’s members in the running race

The race attracted nearly 10.000 runners

Mr Tran Minh Dung – Hau Giang Branch manager representative for DHG to award excelent runners

During the two days of the event, in order to support people and runners participating in the race conveniently and safely, DHG Pharma also arranged a lot of free Bioskin hand washing booths in the venue. In addition, to help runners get vitamins in time and reduce fatigue, cool glasses of Bocalex are also distributed free of charge. These are considered two necessary activities, at the right time, highly appreciated by the organizers, athletes, as well as the visitors.

Cool and tasty Bocalex glasses that help reduce fatigue are always get attention from runners and visitors.

Visitors wash hands before take part in activities at the event.

Last time, storms and floods caused heavy damage to the Central region. People here are in need of urgent assistance to overcome consequences. With the spirit of mutual love, DHG Pharma continues to send timely sharing to the loved Central region.

DHG Pharma and physicians provided medical examination medicines free in charge to the people

On the morning of November 1, the voluntary physician team was present in Huong Xuan Ward (Huong Tra town, Huong Tra district) and Quang Tho commune (Quang Dien district) to promptly examine and distribute free medicine to the people. These are the two flood watershed communes which suffered the most severe damage, but access to health care is extremely difficult.

The recent historic flood engulfed two communes, swept away many properties and caused serious traffic separation, make the people of Huong Xuan and Quang Tho trap into difficulties.The consequence of the storm has not been solved, many families here continious to get into trouble. People here met difficulties in finance exhausion and isolation after the storm. Many medical facilities were also flooded by flood water, causing damage to the medicine and medical equipment that could not be able to promptly meet the needs of the people.


DHG Pharma’s essential medicines free in charge were provided to the people.

 Facing the alarming situation about the health of the people, Mr. Huynh Minh Phu - Deputy Director of Can Tho City General Hospital said that the epidemic after flash floods (e.g., acute diarrhea, respiratory disease, eye inflammation, limbs fungus infections, dengue fever, etc.) is the most worrying threat to the people.

Therefore, medical support for people in flooded areas in this period plays a very important role. The team mobilized a large number of doctors, promptly implemented medical examination and treatment of popular diseases, especially vulnerable groups such as the elderly and young children.

Along with DHG Pharma's sponsorship, ten pharmacists have worked closedly to distribute the most essential drugs free of charge to the people. In which, there are 29 medicine types of anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antipyretic, ENT, allergies, antibiotics, cardiovascular, neurological, vitamins, minerals, digestive, hepatobiliary, antifungal, eye drops, etc. with a large amount.

Physicians prescribed enough for people to use with the full effective dosage for 5-7 days. Some over-the-counter drugs such as Hapacol 650, Hapacol 250 for fever & pain relief, Bocalex Multi for resistance increase, or Ivis Salty for pink eye prevention, etc. were provided to people.

Having been given cardiology examination and medicines at this time, the lonely old people like Mr. Tran Tin and his wife (Quang Tho commune) were relieved of their worries. For many days of emersing in the rain, he confided, made our health go down. Thanks to the voluntary physician team coming to the commune to examine and provide medicines at the right time, both of them managed to control coronary artery disease.

It is known that the free medical examination and medicines program is an annual activity for the past 18 years, jointly implemented by DHG Pharma and the Voluntary Physician Team (Can Tho City Department of Health). The enterprise has also sponsored more than tens of billions of dong, distributed free medicines to hundreds of thousands of poor people all over the country.

Also on November 1, in a fundraising show “Can Tho towards to the Central” directed by Can Tho City People’s Committee with the cooperation of organization of the Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee of Can Tho city, Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Department of Labor - Invalids and Social Affairs, and Can Tho City Radio and Television Station, on behalf of the Party Executive Committee and all employees of DHG Pharma, the Board of Management decided to deduct 300,000,000 VND to share with the people of Central Vietnam. At the same time, the Company supported the employees’ families who were affected by the flood with an amount of 331,000,000 VND. Total amount for this activity was voluntarily donated by the employees of the Company.


Mr. Doan Dinh Duy Khuong – COO, a presentative of DHG Pharma offered an amount to the people in Central Vietnam

through The Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee of Can Tho City

The whole country is directed towards the Central. DHG Pharma’s joint hands is a humane sharing. DHG Pharma hopes that this support will be a small part to alleviate the difficulties that the people of the Central Vietnam are facing. We hope the people will soon overcome the difficult phase to stabilize their lives.

 On 15th October 2020, Forbes celebrated the ceremony to announce Top 50 best listed companies and this was also the next year in 8 consecutive years that DHG Pharma was voted in this list.

Mr Doan Dinh Duy Khuong - Chief Operating Officer represents DHG Pharma to receive the certificate.

It can be seen that this is the result of correct business strategies; effective, proactive and creative corporate governance to overcome the most difficult challenges, especially when the domestic and global economy is being affected by Covid-19 epidemic.

DHG Pharma has been honoured for 8 consecutive years in the 50 best VietNames listed companies

Previously, DHG Pharma continuously recorded its name in the prestigious domestic rankings such as 9 consecutive years participating in Top 50 most effective companies of Nhip Cau Investment magazine, Top 10 listed reputable listed companies in 2020 voted by Vietnam Report, 24 years of maintaining the title of Vietnamese high quality goods voted by consumers, ...This has proven the effort of DHG Pharma after 46 years continuously adapting with the global flow, pioneering in technology integration and standardization to increase the distance between DHG with other domestic pharmaceutical companies, towards the goal of becoming a multinational company, expanding domestic and foreign markets.

Keeping optimistic but not subjective in epidemic prevention is the most effective vaccine in the settling stage but can be reappeared at any time.

The Health sector also needs a support from enterprises and comunity right in this period, in order to best prepare for the scenario of the third possible epidemic return. Concerned that Covid-19 will break out again, DHG Pharma has recently continued to sponsor more than 80,000 medical masks and more than 25,000 Bioskin hand gel, worth more than 1.3 billion VND for making an armor to protect doctors and patients of 8 hospitals in 4 provinces and cities. 

In the 04 of August, more than 3,000 bottles of Bioskin antibacterial hand gel (worth nearly 150 million VND) have been to the Vietnamese Fatherland Front Committee of Danang City. These gel bottles will be delivered to doctors and nurses at Da Nang hospitals later with the desire to help protect and support them on their journey to prevent the epidemic. After Da Nang, Bioskin will continue to come to Quang Nam and Quang Ngai – two provinces that are at the peak of the Covid-19 epidemic to join hands and fight the epidemic.