Company name: DHG Pharmaceutical Joint-Stock

CompanyAbbreviation: DHG PHARMA

Headquarters: 288 Bis Nguyen Van Cu, An Hoa Ward, Ninh Kieu District, Cantho City

Tel: (0292). 3891433 – 3890802 – 3890074

Fax: 0292.3895209
Tax Number: 1800156801


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Field of Manufacture and Trade: Manufacture and trade in pharmaceuticals, dietary supplement and cosmetics.


“For a more beautiful and healthier life”

“DHG Pharma always provides high quality products and services to satisfy the aspiration for a more beautiful and healthier life.”

3. 7 core values
1. Quality, safety, and effectiveness targeted as our highest commitment.
2.  Knowledge and creativity served as our foundation for development
3. Responsibility, cooperation, and promotion prioritized in our motto action.
4. DHG Pharma identity features taken as our pride
5. Mutual prosterity with partners established as our long-term goal
6. Outstanding differentiation employed as our strenght in competitions
7. Benefits for the community centered upon at the start of all activities.


Establishment: Precursor of DHG Pharma was 2/9 Pharmaceutical Factory and was founded on September 02nd 1974 at Kenh 5 Dat Set, Khanh Lam Commune (Khanh Hoa Commune now), U Minh District, Ca Mau Province.

Equitization: On 02 September 1974, the Company was changed into a Joint-stock Company with the initial charter capital was 80 billion VND. “DHG” being listed on HOSE: December 21st 2006, 8,000,000 shares of DHG Pharma posted on Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange (HOSE) under the securities code DHG.

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Charter capital before increased

Added amount

Charter capital after increased


















- 1996: The first year that DHG Pharma’s products was elected as “Vietnam High Quality Goods” by customers. (15 years consecutive).
The first year that the factories complied with the GMP standard.
The first year that DHG Pharma being the leader of Vietnam pharmaceutical industry until now.
- 2004: Equitization
- 2006: “DHG” being listed on HOSE
For more than 30 years of formation and development, DHG Pharma is now recognized as a leading company of Vietmam Pharmaceutical industry. These are essential factors that help DHG Pharma having a steady position in the path of integration. 

Honored titles

  • - 1988: Third-class Labor Medal
  • - 1993: Second-class Labor Medal
  • - 1996: Hero of Labor (Period 1991 – 1995)
  • - 1998: First-class Labor Medal
  • - 2004: Third-class Independence Medal
  • - 2010: Second-class Independence Medal


Personnel and company policy.

Personnel at December 31st 2011. 
- Number of employees at DHG Pharma increase year by year, the total number of employees at the company is 2485 in which university level is  19%; Colleges and Secondary 43%; High schools 38%
- Qualified staffs with high level and capacity and always be devoted to the company.
- DHG Pharma determines that human is the most precious resource to create value for business and society. Thus, DHG Pharma has always focused on buiding a policy of care and attraction employees to bring new blood into the company.Salary and Reward policy
- Salary policy is used as an important economic leverage to promote the innovation, stimulate employee to do and complete the assigned work, increase the productivity and market share, raise the effeciency in production and company’s business.
- In addition to the commend and reward in the holidays and New Year celebration in the country and established companies, DHG also have policies to reward extraordinary individual and collective contributions or outstanding achievements outstanding performance in implementing the guidelines and policies of the company with ideas and creative solutions to bring efficiency in the development of the company.
- Besides offering rewards on National Holidays, New Year Holidays and Company’s anniversary, DHG Pharma also has other unexpected reward policies for individual and team who have outstanding contribution and performance in implementing company’s policy and guideline, for people who have creative idea and effective solution in developing the company. 
- All of DHG Pharma’s employees have social benefits according to Labor laws.
- Besides this, breakfast, lunch and mid-shift meals, harmful allowance, night shift allowance are also provided for employees.
- Every year, DHG Pharma organize incentive tour for employees and their families, offer birthday gift, help and support employees when having difficulties. The company also organize and participate in  many charity activities, music show and sport.

Training policy
Training and staff development is one of priorities actions of DHG Pharma.
The aim of DHG Pharma’s training policy is to build and develop qualified staffs who are enthusiastic, professional and skilled in their job, having good business ethics.
Always create good conditions for employees to develop and gain experiences when working at the company.
Always listen and encourage employees to create, to innovate and to share their knowledge.
Always propose training plans, assist employees in setting up their personnel plan. It helps them to develop their carrer and also reach their personnel target.

Market share 

- Sales revenue of Hau Giang Pharmaceutical increases continuously and frequently leads the Vietnam pharmaceutical industry. 
-  8 subsidiaries for distributing, 31 branches/agents, 2 drugstores and 61 retail counters in the form of pharmacies located in hospitals nationwide. 
-  25 branches ans subsidiaries complied with GDP standard.
-  30 drugstores and retail counters complied with GPP standard.
- Over than 1000 sales staff offering direct transaction to more than 20,000 customers being pharmacies, agents,  pharmaceutical company….Among these customers, there are 8,649 members of the club of familiar customers of DHG.
- There are over 100 hospitals having trusted and used DHG’s products.

85 products has been registered in many countries such as Moldova, Mongolia, Cambodia, Nigeria, Myanmar….
Export turnover increases year by year

Quality System
- Factory, warehouse and QC Laboratory complied with WHO-GMP/GSP/GLP.
- DHG Pharma’s Quality Management System is a tool for providing standard for operations management, production and business help employees perform the management and quality control and work consistently. 
- The implementation of quality management system ISO 9001:2008 certified by BVQI, advanced technology lines with engineers, workers who has experiences  brought to market the products with good quality.

Research & Development (R&D):

Investing and establishing Research & Development Department (R& D) and Research Center.
- Researching science and technology in order to serve long-term development strategy of the company, which has always been considered as essential and top task of DHG Pharma. Effectively developing existing human resources, expanding new capabilities, contributing to improve competitive power for the company and ensuring the stable development.
- Being a pioneer in strategy of profound investment for research on new active ingredients, search for special technology, creation of a unique product line, which has a competitive advantage in the market and brings benefits to consumers. Products of Haginat, Klamentin, Hapacol, Eyelight, Unikids, ect. or group of products with active ingredients from nature such as Eugica, Naturenz, Spivital, ect. that have been interested in the market are typical products for the success of DHG Pharma during past time.


- Young, creative, self-motivated staffs with professional qualifications and skills of market leaders
Qualified marketing team, always suggesting great ideas to build judicious business strategies.
Self-motivated, funny, enthusiastic staffs, always showing passion and devotion to marketing activity of the company.
- Working with their whole hearts, caring and bringing added value to customers, partners; and also bringing high values to the company and society.

- Manufacturing dosage forms such as tablets, soft capsules, effervescence forms, syrup, cream, oral suspension and products extracted from nature, ect.
- There are over 300 products in circulation all over the country and devided into 12 groups: Antibiotic, Antifungal – Antiparasitic; Nervous; Analgesic – Antipyretic; Ophthalmic; Ear – Nose – Throat, Cough, Asthma; Cardiovascular; Digestive & Hepatic – Biliriary; Muscular – Osteoarticular; Diabetic; Beauty Care; Dermal; Vitamins – Minerals.
- Many products are manufactured in bulk, shortening production period, economizing on expenses and business capital for production.
- Production scale is large, the demand for raw materials is high and frequently changed. Therefore, functional departments have actively imported raw materials to store in the period of cheap cost to satisfy the production demand in time.


Finance source is always transparent and stable.


- “Transparent information – Healthy finance” is top view of DHG Pharma and always received the mutual and penetrating guidance from the Corporate Management Board.
- Healthy finance helps the company receive many special awards in selections of State Securities Commission, Stock Exchange and prestigious organizations such as Prestigious Securities Brand Golden Cup; Vietnam Leading Joint-Stock Company, Golden Stock, ect.
- Transparence of information helps DHG Pharma receive many opinions and emotion of distinguished shareholders and investors. Therefore, the company was honored to be awarded The Best Annual Report and Special Annual Report in the last selection for Annual Report 2008, 2009 of the Stock Exchange.
- All published information of DHG Pharma is quickly updated and in time on the company website ( and presented in written report to the State Securities Commission, Stock Exchange  (
- "Question & Answer" in the category of "Investor Relations" on the company website is set up with the desire of implementing direct dialogue channel with shareholders and investors

V. COMPANY CULTURE- Cultural character of DHG Pharma is established not purely to set up corporate culture, but also aimed to establish the groove and tradition of a unit, contributing to build typical individuals who have enough personalities of "Civility - Uprightness - Intelligence - Loyalty", harmoniously living  with colleagues and community. Cultural character of DHG Pharma is a historical gift that former generations would like to offer the latters to continuously set up the image of company.
- Requirements of the culture character are not only unstrange for employees but also very close to the civility and uprightness of our nation in the daily life such as: shaking hands, moving, acting, behaving in meetings, arts, eating, drinking, dressing, living, organizing birthdays, funerals or weddings, ect., which are specifically defined and guided in the culture character.
- DHG Pharma’s cultural character is always a weapon, a competitive advantage to help DHG Pharma be determined to win in the market. It is also an orientation and regulation of culture within the company. It helps everyone be closer together and realize their colleagues and superiors.

- Social responsibility is considered as a key strategy which helps DHG Pharma stably and sustainably develop.
- Being a unit manufacturing and trading pharmaceutical products, DHG Pharma always retrieves community benefits to start all activities. The community activity of the company is not purely the activity of brand promotion but also is the responsibility of a brand of leading manufacturer in pharmaceutical industry of Vietnam. Community activity is more effective when being associated with dedication of high quality products, that aims to build foundation for the society which always has healthy and beautiful life.

- Being a unit with awareness of environment protection, DHG Pharma has consecutively seeked to improve the environment through the clear understanding of challenges and opportunities in the pharmaceutical industry towards sustainable development.
- Always improving sense of responsibility through the use of clean and appropriate technologies in the pharmaceutical field
- Besides the strict standards of environment in pharmaceutical and food supplement products manufacturing (GMP, GLP, GSP), DHG Pharma always concerns with following sanitation rules and fire prevention, treatment of industrial waste and water source in accordance with pharmaceutical standards and regulations of Vietnam.