Minute of 2016 AGM: View/Download


Resolution of 2016 AGM: View/Download

   + Statement No.003/2017/TTr.DHG dated 04/03/2017 is amended by Statement No.008/2017/TTr.DHG dated 04/17/2017 on shares program for employees (attached amended statement): View/Download
   + Statement No.001/2017/TTr.DHG dated 04/03/2017 is amended by Statement No.007/2017/TTr.DHG dated 04/17/2017 on profit distribution in 2016 and profit distribution plan in 2017 (attached amended statement): View/Download
   + Draft resolution: View/Download

 Documents of Annual General Meeting 2016. Please see details in the attached file: View/Download

The Annual General Meeting 2016 Notice and Agenda of DHG Pharmaceutical JSC. Details as below:

1. Announcement of AGM - DHG 2016: Open/Download

2. Agenda: Open/Download

3. Confirmation of attendance: Open/Download

4. Power of attorney: Open/Download