Expanding products according to international standards to serve Vietnamese people and accelerating the export channel are two main pillars that help Hau Giang Pharmacy become more and more integrated with the advanced level of the global pharmaceutical and health care industry.

From May 17 to 18, the delegation of Can Tho City People's Committee carried out freely medical examination and medicine distribution and gift offering to people in Romeas Haek District, Svay Rieng Province, Kingdom of Cambodia.

For nearly half a century, DHG Pharma has pioneered to bring consumers prestigious and quality products. The brands such as Naturenz, NattoEnzym were born from the scientific research topics of domestic and foreign research institutes, high-quality raw materials imported from the countries with strict standards in the world and modern production technology.

This information was given by the representatives of DHG Pharmaceutical Joint-stock Company at Annual General Meeting of Shareholders 2021 held on March 18th.

Great strides in food supplement market have affirmed DHG Pharma’s heart and vision in accompanying Vietnamese consumers in health care.

Thanks to the improving economic conditions and the intellectual level development, Vietnamese consumers are increasingly interested in disease prevention rather than cure, by adjusting their lifestyles and using more health-promoting foods. Research released in 2021 by Euromonitor assessed that, due to an aging population and higher living standards, Vietnam has become an attractive market for health protection food.

In 2021, Covid-19 brought many challenges to Vietnam’s pharmaceutical industry, but with rapid adaptation, DHG Pharma still achieved its business goals and continuously received more prestigious awards.

Thanks to the sustainable development foundation along with the revenue and profit achieved according to the plan, DHG Pharma is considered a typical example of an enterprise successfully breaking out of the pandemic siege.

With continuous efforts in "strengthening and promoting internal strength", DHG Pharma has overcome challenges, achieved many impressive achievements not only in business but also in contribution for the social community.