With two tablet and film-coated tablet production lines with Japan-GMP standard and customer care policies with the heart, DHG Pharma continues to win the trust of pharmacies, doctors, and consumers


A scientific seminar with the topic "Solutions for screening and preventing stroke" for consumers was organized by DHG Pharma.

Success from a methodical investment

In each step, each stage of development, DHG Pharma always takes the trust, care and companionship of customers as a goal of cohesion and long-term development.

After 47 years of development, DHG Pharma has strived to become the largest generic pharmaceutical enterprise in Vietnam in terms of operational efficiency, distribution system and production capacity. The company has been and continues to build the largest and most extensive distribution system in the country, stretching from urban to rural areas with more than 30,000 customers.

DHG Pharma always considers that customers as "a bridge" to bring the company's products to consumers, making a significant contribution to the care and health promotion of the community.


Inside the plant where owns production lines with Japan-GMP standard of DHG Pharma.

Accordingly, for public health, for benefit of consumers, DHG Pharma has boldly invested and owned a plant with a maximum capacity of 4 billion product units per year. In addition to modernly invested machinery and equipment, DHG Pharma’s quality human resources are also always concerned. Employees are trained to achieve highly technical and professional qualifications and always has a sense of strict compliance with regulations. All are aimed at providing the market with the best products with guaranteed quality.

“Having worked in the pharmaceutical industry, it is impossible not to know about DHG Pharma. For 20 years, since opening a pharmacy, I have always been assured of consulting and selling the company's products to users. Especially when the company has 2 production lines with Japan-GMP standard, I am even more confident when choosing DHG Pharma’s products to contribute to everyone's health. Simply, thanks to DHG Pharma, domestic users have an opportunity to use medicines of international quality at affordable prices”, said Ms. Thuy Nga, owner of Phuong Anh drugstore, Can Tho city shared.

In addition, with a nationwide distribution system, along with more than 100 high-quality products produced on two lines with Japan GMP standard, DHG Pharma has always been recognized by a system of reputable pharmacies, large hospitals, experienced medical professionals and trusted by consumers.

“My family used to choose imported drugs because we thought that foreign medicines meet strict standards, so their quality was also higher than domestic medicines. But since going to the doctor periodically and being advised to use medicines produced on DHG Pharma’s Japan-GMP standard line such as Hapacol 650 in pain relief and fever reducer, anti-allergic agent Telfor, or Fubenzon anthelmintic, I have just found out that a Vietnamese pharmaceutical company has conquered these rigorous standards to provide people with global quality pills - Vietnamese prices. After administering them for a while, I have complete confidence and peace of mind in their quality and do not see much difference with foreign medicine products, even I feel better because I always think Vietnamese medicine is suitable with Vietnamese people", Mr. A Dong (HCMC) shared.


DHG Pharma currently has 02 tablet and film-coated tablet production lines with Japan-GMP standard

For details about Japan-GMP, please see: http://japangmp.dhgpharma.com.vn/vi/