This year, DHG Pharma’s profit is expected to increase more than 14% compared to 2015.



Mrs. Pham Thi Viet Nga, CEO of DHG Pharma said, in 2016, the company makes a plan for sales of VND3,733 billion, in which profit of VND679 billion (up 14.2%) over the previous year.


DHG Pharma has just announced an establishment of joint venture in health care worth USD2 million, of which 51% capital contribution of the company and the rest belonging to two foreign partners.


In addition to stable business activities, over time, DHG Pharma has put new products on the market. In which the product Naturenz enhances liver function. This is an invention to create generic drug copyrighted by Vietnam, a result of long-time research of the Biotechnology Institute.

Many new products were introduced by DHG Pharma to the market in the past year.


Besides achievements in production and business DHG Pharma’s leaders focused activities of social responsibility. During the year, the company implemented 138 programs of examination and medicine distribution spreading from Can Tho to Cambodia with nearly 60,000 people. We have examined and distributed medicine to more than 2,000 poor patients in O Dong district (Kompong Spu, Cambodia). We sponsored 6 cases of 3-leaf valve open heart surgery for patients in Binh Phuoc, An Giang, Soc Trang, Vinh Long and Can Tho.


Through the Gold heart Fund, DHG Pharma donated more than VND118 million, contributed nearly VND2 billion in the piggy bank movement for Poor Patient Fund. Every month, the company has maintained visits and offering of nutrition meals at the Binh Thuy District elderly center and cooked nutrition meals to children at the Can Tho city orphanage center.

Social activities were focused by the company.


Many activities towards homeland islands were also responded by the company’s leaders and staffs. Accordingly, the company contributed VND267 million to Gac Ma memorial area, built a clinic in Truong Sa island.


Before a general trend of economic integration, especially the multi and bilateral agreement that Vietnam has signed with partners, including TPP, DHG Pharma’s leaders identified the advantages, but local businesses will encounter many difficulties. However, with 42 years of foundation and development, the brand has been positioned on the market by quality products, meeting the patients’ requirements.