DHG Pharma’s Board of Directors has announced to form a joint-venture of health care worth USD2 million. The new year is witnessing a powerful transformation of the image of the leading pharmaceutical enterprise in this country.


Accordingly, the new company gets 51% DHG Pharma’s capital and 49% capital of two foreign partners. Along with the positive business result of 2015, in 2016, DHG Pharma makes a plan of sales and profit respectively VND3,733 billion and VND679 billion, up 3.4% and 14.2% compared to the last year.

DHG Pharma – the leading company in the domestic pharmaceutical industry is attempting to break in business activities. DHG Pharma also shows its change in the field of cultural construction and implementation of corporate social responsibility (CSR).


From hospitals to Truong Sa


In a conversation with reporters, Mrs. Pham Thi Viet Nga, CEO of DHG Pharma said that "the secret of the company’s success is to live and trade with kindness".



This can be seen in many social activities throughout with the spirit of "for a more beautiful and healthier life”. Corporate culture and corporate social responsibility can be found in DHG Pharma through shared spirit of officers and employees. Lots of internal CSR activities was expanded to customers, partners and shareholders.

In 2015, DHG Pharma has implemented 138 programs of free exams and drugs spreading from Can Tho to Cambodia. Nearly 60,000 people have been served. In particular, the company's team performed medical examination and medicine distribution to more than 2,000 poor patients at O Dong district, Kompong Spư province, Kingdom of Cambodia. DHG Pharma’s representatives came Cho Ray Hospital, Can Tho General Hospital to fund 6 cases of open heart surgery for patients living in Binh Phuoc, An Giang, Soc Trang, Vinh Long, Can Tho.


One of the widespread social activities of DHG Pharma in the spirit of "for a more beautiful and healthier life”.


Last year, DHG Pharma has contributed VND118,820,000 to the Gold heart Fund, VND1.9 billion to the Fund for poor patients. There were 165 staffs participated in blood donation, with 211 units of blood. DHG Pharma has maintained monthly visits and offering of nutrition meals at the Binh Thuy District elderly center and offered nutrition meals to children at the Can Tho city orphanage center.

Besides the activities of the Sponsoring Association for poor patients have maintained during 13 years, in 2015, the company contributed VND267 million to Gac Ma Memorial area and built a Truong Sa clinic. Previously, DHG Pharma had the program "Towards the island – Health care for Ly Son fishermen" since 2011.

Tripod for corporate health

With what has been revealed, DHG Pharma showed that we are very consistent to implement three criteria in the entire chain of production, business and community care, it is "Advanced science - Considerate care - Love sharing".

"The application of advanced science to production, the standardization of operating procedures brought a sense of considerate care to customers and the improvement of deep awareness to consumers about the role of encouragement, love sharing which is more important than a medicine; they are always top priorities for us”, Mrs Viet Nga confirmed.


In recent years, DHG Pharma has been impressive in announcing a series of new products applied biotechnology and natural origin. Typically the product Spivital derived from Vinh Hao Spirulina with high quality containing phycocyanin which helps anti-cancer accounted for 4.5% and the product NattoEnzym with raw materials nattokinase imported from Japan's most prestigious distributor (JBSL).

And one more name is Naturenz capsule which acts to detoxify, enhance liver function and is the pride of DHG Pharma. This is pharmaceutical invention to create a brand name of Vietnam, resulting from outstanding research achievements of the Institute of biotechnology and being one of the new drugs with a breakthrough, high competition of DHG Pharma. 

A production corner of DHG Pharma

In order to maintain a pioneering role, especially in the general trend that Vietnam has being signed a series of global trade agreements, DHG Pharma also has a lot of challenges ahead. However, as the Company's CEO expressed, competition pressure is always close, but as from the operating start of 42 years ago, the enterprise has advocated and thought unceasingly of business going abreast life improvement for people. "Success in business is tied to social responsibility”, Mrs. Viet Nga confirmed.