On June 1st, 2020, Forbes Vietnam announced “the best Vietnamese 50 listed companies” in 2020. Once again, DHG Pharma was present on the list and was also the 7th consecutive time that DHG Pharma was honoured despite being in the context of Vietnam's economy and the world facing unpredictable uncertainties under the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to Forbes, the companies on the list of 2020 have a solid foundation, not only having good business results in 2019, but also having resilient expectations in the context of Vietnam's economy facing the most challenges in the last 10 years.

Up to the year 2020, DHG Pharma is the only pharmaceutical company that has been voted in this list for 7 consecutive years. In addition, DHG Pharma was also voted by Forbes Vietnam earlier with the following awards: 04 consecutive years "Top 50 leading brands" and "100 largest public companies".

Continuing to receive high appreciation for many years, it is further evidence that DHG Pharma always steadily overcomes all challenges to continually create new values, grow sustainably and maintain the position of a leading pharmaceutical company in Vietnam. This once again affirms the company's reputation as well as the core value of DHG Pharma "Quality, safety, and effectiveness targeted as our highest commitment" to partners, customers and consumers.