The weather is turning colder, in addition Covid-19 is coming back. Beside compliance with regulations of MOH as: not going outside when not necessary, no gathering, wear mask when going out and wash hands usually,… we also need to enhance our resistance.
DHG Pharma with variety of products and high quality, help community to enhance health and resistance:

1. Washing hands with antibacterial gel Bioskin:
2. Enhancing resistance with Bocalex and Bocalex C1000:
3. Keeping healthy throat with Cozz Candy:
4. Physiological saline Ivis Salty helps to clean your eyes, nose and ears. Prevent dried nose and stuffy nose:
5. Syrup made from Spirulina, provide acid amin, enhance resistance: Anomin Gold for Adult and Pimum for Children:

All products above can be bought at any pharmacy, do not forget to protect yourself in the epidemic.

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