DHG Pharma's two production lines of tablets and film-coated tablets have passed strict technical standards to achieve JAPAN GMP certification.

On December 18, 2020 in Can Tho, an announcement ceremony of JAPAN GMP certification for DHG Pharma's medicine production line was held respectfully. Attending the ceremony were leaders of Can Tho City Department of Health, leaders of Mekong Delta hospitals, close customers, DHG Pharma’s leaders and employees.

Since 2019, DHG Pharma has been certified JAPAN GMP with tablet production line. In October 2020, DHG Pharma continued to achieve JAPAN GMP certification for film-coated production line. On December 10, 2020, DAV officially announced that DHG Pharma has achieved JAPAN GMP certification for both production lines. In Vietnam, DHG Pharma is the first company to be certified JAPAN GMP. At this time, nationwide there have been only three production lines surpassed high-end technical barriers to achieve JAPAN GMP certification, of which DHG Pharma owns two lines.

GMP 01

The Board of Directors of DHG Pharma announced that the drug production line meets Japan GMP standard.

For many years to be the leading position in pharmaceutical industry in Vietnam, with JAPAN GMP certification - a standard of good manufacturing practice of pharmaceutical products of Japan that is equivalent to EU GMP of Europe, US-FDA of USA, etc. Firstly, with a distribution network of more than 28,000 pharmacies nationwide, DHG Pharma will provide domestic users with access to internationally qualified pharmaceutical products at affordable prices. After that, DHG Pharma will continue to bring its products to conquer difficult international markets such as Japan, Asian countries, in turn covering other international markets.

GMP 02

Mr. Masashi Nakaura - General Director of Hau Giang Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company shared about this special event of the company

Re-certification of JAPAN GMP for the tablet production line and new certification for film-coated production line are a worthy and valuable reward for DHG Pharma's efforts based on advanced infrastructure potential, highly skilled personnel, investment and support from Taisho Corporation - Japan. With JAPAN GMP certification, DHG Pharma once again affirmed that DHG Pharma has become an international standard pharmaceutical company, continuing to raise the prestige of Can Tho City medical industry to a high altitude; affirming DHG Pharma’s core value "Quality, safety and effectiveness targeted as our highest commitment" to partners, customers and consumers.

DHG Pharma's Board of Management stated that achievement of JAPAN GMP standard is also a good opportunity for all DHG Pharma's employees to promote their mutual solidarity and creative efforts for getting higher and further goals, bringing Vietnamese pharmaceutical products to the international level.