On January 8th, 2021, at the National Convention Center, Hanoi, the announcement ceremony of top 10 prestigious pharmaceutical companies, organized by Vietnam Report Joint Stock Company, and once again DHG is the first company named 3 years in a row.

With this award, businesses are placed on the "balance table" to evaluate based on 3 main criteria: Financial capacity shown in the latest financial report; Media reputation is evaluated by Media Coding method - encoding articles about the company on influential media channels; Survey the subjects involved.

This is considered as a continuation of the success of Hau Giang Pharmaceuticals, after japan GMP certification for 2 lines of tablets and tablets in December 2020, once again affirmed Hau Giang Pharmaceuticals to become an international standard pharmaceutical company, continuing to raise the prestige of Vietnam's health industry to new levels.

Starting the new year with international quality and values achieved, Hau Giang Pharmaceutical is like "tigers grow more wings", adding strength to achieve higher and further goals in 2021.


Mr. Doan Dinh Duy Khuong - Chief Operating Officer represented DHG to receive this prestigious award

Displaying area of products that be produced on the production line certified with Japan GMP standard of DHG Pharma