After 3 years of pursuing Japan-GMP, DHG Pharma has currently owned a list of nearly 100 products meeting Japanese quality standard.

2 production lines and nearly 100 products meeting Japan-GMP

DHG Pharma has currently owned a diversified portfolio of more than 300 products circulating in the market. Now, there are nearly 100 DHG Pharma’s products produced on two Japan-GMP lines of tablet and film-coated tablet.

According to experts, this is a “big” list of products in the current top ranking. The figure of nearly 100 products reflects a large scale of production line as well as leading technology standardization capabilities of pharmaceutical companies. All are completely produced on two Japan-GMP production lines of tablet and fim-coated tablet.


The production line meeting Japan-GMP standard of DHG Pharma.

Japan-GMP is a Good Manufacturing Practice standard standing for Japanese quality directly certified by Japan Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency (PMDA) – under Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.

After overcoming all strict technical barriers of PMDA, both DHG Pharma’s production lines must continue to undergo a rigorous verification by Department of Drug Administration of Vietnam – Ministry of Health to achieve Japan-GMP certification. Achieving Japan-GMP standard as today results in constant efforts of all employees from production sector and relevant departments through past years.

It is worth mentioning that the product list focuses on antibiotic, analgesic-antipyretic, nervous, hepatobiliary, digestive, cardiovascular, diabetic medicines. These are main lines of DHG Pharma’s pharmaceutical products which own high technology content and meet high needs of end-users.

For example, the antibiotic line has Clabact 250 and 500 (containing active ingredient clarithromycin - treating bacterial infections), Zaromax 250-500 (containing azithromycin). The nervous group has Neni 800 (containing piracetam)

While the digestive and hepatobiliary groups have Raxium, the cardiovascular group including Vastec, respiratory with Telfor 60-120-180 (containing fexofenadine). For the analgesic-antipyretic group, the enterprise upgrades Japan-GMP standard quality for all 16 Hapacol products.

DHG Pharma initially collects sweet fruits with Japan-GMP standard

The year 2020, the pharmaceutical industry saw many “ups - downs” of revenue and profit in the Covid season. In addition to many enterprises achieving their revenues and profit, the industry also recorded many “bottom” companies” due to the impact of pandemic. Among the top companies with effective business for many consecutive years, DHG Pharma continues to make an impression with profit-after-tax 2020 of VND739 billion, increased by 17.0% compared with 2019 and getting the highest growth up to now.


Mrs. Nguyen Ngoc Diep – Deputy General Director in charge of Production and Supply chain of DHG Pharma

DHG Pharma said that positive business results mainly come from its focus on selling strategic and key products, deploying well the projects to increase productivity and production efficacy, having suitable strategies in the pandemic season. The products with Japan-GMP certification initially bring sweet fruits after 3 years of pursuit.

With Japan-GMP standard, the company aims to increase share market in the hospital channel where an opportunity to expand bidding into high standard packages. At the same time, it helps patients to use quality medicines with affordable prices as well as decrease treatment costs and reduce the burden for health insurance fund.

At the same time, the company also prepares procedures for exporting Vietnamese Japan-GMP medicines to the world. Currently, domestic market accounts for 98% DHG Pharma’s revenue; the remainder comes from export activities. With Japan-GMP list of products, DHG Pharma surely openes to bring its medicines to Japan and the world and once again affirming the leading brandname in Vietnam.

However, experts are waiting for DHG Pharma to make a further breakthrough in 2021. Thanks to a large number of Japanese-recognized production lines and a launch pad from Japan-GMP product list. New strategies around Japan-GMP create new values serving users, expected to help DHG Pharma get more and more sweet fruits from Japan-GMP products.