The COVID-19 epidemic is still happening complicatedly in our country. The increased epidemic risk particularly occurs after Tet holidays when people return to big cities for working. Therefore, the health sector continues to advise people to seriously follow 5K for preventing the epidemic.

According to statistics from January 25, 2021 to the 5th of the Tan Suu Lunar New Year 2021, the country has recorded 719 domestic cases in 13 provinces and cities including Hai Duong (537), Quang Ninh (60), Ho Chi Minh City (36), Hanoi (34), Gia Lai (27), Binh Duong (06), Bac Ninh (05), Dien Bien (03), Hung Yen (03), Hoa Binh (02), Bac Giang (2), Hai Phong (01), Ha Giang (01).

Total cumulative number of SARS-CoV-2 positive cases in Vietnam was 2,311, including 1,412 domestic cases.

According to experts, current risk of disease in the community is always standing, particularly in big cities like Hanoi and HCMC while spread source of many cases of disease in the community is unknown, especially when people come back to work from localities.

COVID-19 disease is spread from person to person via inhalation, via saliva or nasopharyngeal secretions through coughing, sneezing or by contact with objects containing virus and then passing through hands, eyes, nose, mouth. Up to now, there is no specific treatment medicines and vaccine for disease prevention.

Therefore, in order to proactively control the risk of epidemic infestation and towards a dual goal of "both fighting against epidemic and developing economy" under the direction of the Government, people need to be vigilant and not to be subjective. At the same time, be proactive and honest in medical declaration, especially when coming/going from epidemic areas.

Implement measures to prevent the epidemic according to a message featuring 5K (in Vietnamese), including: Khau trang (facemask)- (Khu khuan) disinfection- (Khoang cach) distance- (Khong tu tap) no gathering – (Khai bao y te) health declaration for safely living with the COVID-19 pandemic. Good practice of 5K message is a "steel shield" to protect us against the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Ministry of Health urges each citizen to act together and properly and fully comply with the Ministry of Health’s recommendations on epidemic prevention and control. Every citizen be a soldier on the epidemic prevention and control front.


In the 5K message, apart from personal hygiene measures, sanitation and disinfection play a very important role in reducing the risk of COVID-19 infection. Accordingly, people need to wash their hands often with soap or hand sanitizer. Sanitize surfaces/objects that are frequently in contact (such as doorknobs, phones, tablets, desks, chairs, etc.). Keep house clean and well ventilated.

As an enterprise with many community-oriented activities, during COVID-19 outbreaks, DHG Pharmaceutical Joint-Stock Company has taken many timely activities to support the health sector and the community such as: funding costs, offering BIOSKIN antibacterial dry hand wash gel, medical equipment, airport body temperature meter, etc. Even when the epidemic settles down, this enterprise still maintains humanitarian activities side by side with the health sector and the community, showing a thorough care of the leading pharmaceutical company all over the country, such as offering Bioskin antibacterial dry hand wash gel to teachers and pupils in many provinces during the time they return to school when the first epidemic is under control.

Mr. Doan Dinh Tuan Huy - a manager of DHG Pharma branch in Hanoi shared that DHG Pharma is the leading pharmaceutical company of the country, we are very pleased to share and accompany the health sector, particularly Hanoi Center for Disease Control and people nationwide in COVID-19 epidemic prevention. The gifts are BIOSKIN antibacterial dry hand wash bottles that will contribute to disease prevention and better health protection for the people.

In this epidemic, within the framework of community program of offering 50,000 bottles of BIOSKIN - antibacterial dry hand wash gel (equivalent to VND 2,200,000,000) to frontline units of anti-COVID-19 epidemic. DHG Pharmaceutical Joint-Stock Company offered 20,000 bottles of BIOSKIN antibacterial dry hand wash gel (equivalent to VND 880,000,000) to Hanoi Center for Disease Control (CDC Hanoi). At the same time, 15,000 bottles were also offered to the Hai Duong Center for Disease Control (CDC Hai Duong) and 15,000 bottles to the Quang Ninh Center for Disease Control (CDC Quang Ninh).